Sunlight: Is It Good or Bad for You?

See our privacy policy. Is exercise bad for you? What about healthy food or water? Too much of these can kill you. If you have pale skin and lay in the sun all day at the equator, you will get third degree burns and will have to be hospitalized. It has been studied and shown that sunlight gives you a non-toxic form of vitamin D. Your body can store this pre-vitamin D from sunlight hitting your skin. The vitamin D in foods and supplements is toxic and too much causes death by liver failure.

Because of this the body will try to get rid of any excess and not store it. But with the form from the sun, the body can convert it whenever your body needs vitamin D. They know that below the 42 degree latitude, you can get vitamin D from the sun all year round but above that you cannot. At the latitude of Boston, MA, there are 3 months of the year that your body cannot get any vitamin D from the sunlight there.

Dr. David Williams (D.C.) says "Any 3-year old knows that sunshine makes you feel good and doctors used to tell us to get more sun.... If we all simply got enough sun, researchers estimate that it would cut cancer rates as much as 50 percent. For example...

  • Prostate cancer rates are twice as high for men who stay out of the sun (Cancer Res 05;65(12):5470-5479

  • Breast cancer risk is 5 times higher for women with the lowest vitamin D levels (Eur J Cancer 05;41(8):1164-1169)

  • Colon cancer rates could be cut in half by increasing our intake of vitamin D through supplements or sun exposure (Am J Prev Med 07;32(3):210-216)

  • Lifetime sun exposure has even been shown to lower your risk of getting melanoma (J  Invest Dermatol 03;120(6):1087-1093)

Since 1972, sunscreen sales have multiplied 27 times, yet skin cancer rates haven't budged."

A study in England showed that the highest rate of skin cancer was among people who were under fluorescent light all day and were never in the sunlight. Sunlight does not cause wrinkles but some things like smoking do. So if you do things that cause it and sunbathe, your skin will age faster than normal. When you sweat, the toxins in your body that cause cancer and wrinkles will sweat out onto the skin. The water evaporates and leave these toxins on your skin. So make sure to wash them off your skin after sweating a lot. See this article about lack of sunlight causing cancer: 5 Ways to Get Cancer.

Studies show that sunlight prevents cancer and vitamin D is good for bone density and for the immune system. Lack of sunlight can cause depression. So what would be the motivation for people to say it is bad for you? Money. Sunlight is good for you but it is free. More people are sunbathing now than 20 years ago since it makes them feel better and look better. Since when is looking better and feeling better bad for health. A study shows that vitamin D from sunlight prevents melanoma.

This article was written well before November 2009. Now the scientists are backing the idea that getting the sunlight that a lifeguard gets is best for health. John Cannell, M.D. says (on following video) that vitamin D is a steroidal hormone. See this News Report on video. Then after reading this article watch this 29 minute University of California video about vitamin D wiping out most cancer and other diseases.

Wikipedia Encyclopedia says "The majority of doctors recommend patients protect themselves from UV radiation using sunscreen. These recommendations exist despite the ample evidence in the scientific literature that the sunscreen chemicals are harmful if they are illuminated while in contact with living cells. It is undisputed in the scientific literature, that sunscreen chemicals in contact with living tissue are harmful." "A positive effect of UVB exposure is that it induces the production of vitamin D in the skin. It has been estimated that tens of thousands of premature deaths occur in the United States annually from a range of cancers due to vitamin D deficiency."

Harvard researchers compared blood samples and health records in 900 men with no record of heart ailments, and about 450 men with a history of heart attack or heart disease. Results showed that heart attack risk may be cut in half when low vitamin D levels are doubled.

The UV-C rays from the sun can completely destroy your skin so never go sunbathing on the moon. The UV-C rays are completely destroyed in earth's atmosphere. If you make a list of all the things that cause cancer, you will find that they are man-made things, not natural things. Sunscreen is a man-made thing.

Decades ago these companies sold sun tan lotion and said it will help you tan, not burn with millions in advertising. Everyone used it and baked their skin under the sun with oil and butter that was in the lotion. Then they stopped selling it. Maybe they realized that they were hurting people and did not want to be sued. But by saying that the sun hurt them, they had something else to blame.

A woman was teaching me herbology and told me a story. She applied balm to a woman's knee and gave her some to use at home. The woman called her and said that the balm burned her knee. It did not burn her knee, but her knee would not have gotten burned without it being applied. The herbalist said "You had an injection of cortisone in your knee, didn't you?" The woman said "yes." The herbalist said that the balm removes toxins from the knee and when the cortisone came to the skin, the cortisone burned the skin.

Sunbathing causes you to sweat out the cancer causing toxins in your body. Then the water evaporates leaving these chemicals on your skin. So make sure to wash them off of your skin. If you do not wash them off, it is better to get cancer on your skin than in your body. Cooked foods cause cancer. Raw foods prevent cancer. Wild animals rarely get cancer. Almost 75% of pets get cancer.

More information keeps coming in. The places on the body that people get skin cancer are not the parts of the body that are in the sunlight the most like the face and hands. Also I read the following: "For example, ultraviolet radiation from sunlight creates free radicals in the skin. So does air pollution and cigarette smoke." Note that the air pollution and cigarette smoke are created by man. They do not exist in nature. Sunlight is natural.

(OMNS, October 2, 2008) A new study of 3,299 persons has shown that those with higher levels of vitamin D cut their risk of dying from cancer in half. (1) Another recent study shows that ample intake of vitamin D, about 2,000 IU per day, can cut breast cancer incidence by half. (2) Still more research found that inadequate Vitamin D is "associated with high incidence rates of colorectal cancer" and specifically urges that "prompt public health action is needed to increase intake of Vitamin D-3 to 1000 IU/day."

Vitamin D's anticancer properties are so evident, and so important, that the Canadian Cancer Society now recommends supplementation with 1,000 IU of Vitamin D per day for all adults in winter, and year-round for persons at risk.

Michael Holick, MD, Boston University Professor of Medicine, has come right out and said it: "We can reduce cancer risk by 30 to 50% by increasing vitamin D. We gave mice colon cancer, and followed them for 20 days. Tumor growth was markedly reduced simply by having vitamin D in the diet. There was a 40% reduction in tumor size. And, casual sun exposure actually decreases your risk of melanoma."

Sunlight is not causing global warming and destroying the planet. That is due to the deadliest animal that exists-- man. Air pollution and cigarette smoking are hurting the planet. Refined grains do not exist in nature. Man makes them. Cancer causing substance are man-made. Cancer is caused by man, not nature. Trans fats do not exist in nature. They are man made. It is the same with pollution.

Dr. Michael F. Holick, of the Boston University School of Medicine says, "The reader [of The Sunlight Solution] will be enlightened by the historical perspective and how our sunphobic attitudes have resulted in this insidious vitamin D deficiency."

Now they want to make money by you using sunscreen. Studies show that it causes cancer. This will then  cause you to be pale. Then since you look like you have not been out in the sun, they want you to spend money buying skin dyes and pills that will darken your skin so you will look like you got sun. Kevin Trudeau's book, Natural Cures, has sold ten million copies, making it the best selling health book ever!

Kevin Trudeau says in Natural Cures,

"In the Natural Cures book I talk about the fact that the sun does not cause skin cancer. The sun is needed for life. If you do not spend time in the sun you will be sick. The sun is vital for health, longevity and to be disease free....Without sunlight you develop diseases including depression, lack of energy, poor sleep, poor digestion, weight gain, arthritis, constipation, bad breath, body odor, cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, ADD, stress, headaches, susceptibility to colds, flus and viral infections, PMS, male erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual desire in women, infertility anxiety and more."

This is from an email I got in March 2009 (Some of it has been taken out of this). You have been told to avoid sunshine keep indoors during peak sun hours, cover yourself with sunscreen if you go outside, wear long-sleeved shirts and sunglasses even when it’s not sunny and limit your direct contact with the sun’s rays to zero.

Yet, there is no evidence that spending time in the sun actually causes deadly skin cancer. In fact, clinical evidence shows that sunlight prevents 17 different kinds of cancer. But our fear of the sun has kept us indoors and slathered with sunscreen. 

A lack of sunshine can trigger deadly cancers, depression, bone loss, heart disease and more. Sunlight is essential for making a critical vitamin and hormone that protects you from disease and carries out thousands of major functions in your body daily. Have you ever noticed how you feel happier walking or sitting in the sun? Going outside in the sunlight calm your nerves and lift your spirits.

There is a reason for this. Your body needs sunlight in the same way it needs nutrients. In addition to the noticeable lift it gives your mood, it improve your immunity, regulates your weight, reverses many chronic diseases, it helps lower your blood pressure, protect you from many  cancers and improve your overall health and happiness.

With no mention in the media, you may not have heard: 

Why Exposing Yourself to the Sun Actually Lowers Your Risk of Deadly Skin Cancer 
The Truth about the Sun Safety Alliance and Why Their Backroom Deals Lead to the Death of Over 300,000 Americans Every Year 
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Since We’ve Been Avoiding the Sun Over the Last 30 Years, the Death Rate From Skin Cancer Has Risen 400%. In fact, skin cancer was a rare event before 1930 when most people worked outdoors and ignored the risk from the sun. Now it’s the most common cancer. And since our grandparent’s generation, the rate of 
melanoma (the deadly kind) is up 1,800%.

There are three kinds of skin cancer: Basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and melanoma. Cumulative sun exposure is linked to BCC and SCC. With early detection, these are rarely fatal. But melanoma is a different story.This deadly form actually has an inverse relationship to sunshine.

If sunshine were deadly, people who live in sunny climates would suffer the most deaths from skin cancer. But the opposite is true. Those who live in cold, damp climates with very little sunshine – like London or Minnesota – have higher rates than those who live in sun-drenched areas like Arizona, New Mexico and Florida.

“Ask anyone in America if the sun causes cancer and they will quickly answer yes. Ask them if the sun prevents cancer and they will tell you to see a psychiatrist.”
– John Cannell, MD 
And today, just 10 percent of people work outdoors – compared with 75 percent a hundred years ago. But these facts are routinely ignored by dermatologists and the sunscreen industry.

The Sun is NOT Your Enemy

Corporations with a vested interest benefit from the belief that sunlight in any amount is dangerous—even deadly. Every year, these groups spend millions of dollars to sell you their products and services. Their financial rewards are clear: $30 billion worth of products every year with $6 billion in annual sales of 
sunscreens alone.

But to convince you that you need their products, they must first convince you that the sun is dangerous. In just a few decades, our perception of the sun changed from miracle healer to predatory menace. Scientists, physicians, and journalists focused entirely on risks, completely forgetting the well-documented 

Here’s what the studies really say about the deadliest of all skin cancers: 

Those working outdoors have the lowest risk of skin cancer— In 1982, the British medical journal The  Lancet reported on the relationship between skin cancer and sun exposure. The researchers found that  those whose main activity was outdoors had the lowest risk of developing skin cancer. 

Other studies have yielded the same results. An overview of all of the published research reported in the  International Journal of Cancer revealed that multiple studies show that people with heavy occupational  exposure to the sun have significantly lower risk of melanoma. High lifetime recreational sun exposure lowers your risk—Additional studies performed at the British  Columbia Cancer Agency confirmed that the higher your lifetime recreational sun exposure, the lower your risk of skin cancer. Lifeguards in Australia have the lowest rates of melanoma—In the February 2, 2005 issue of the Journal of  the National Cancer Institute a study confirmed that exposure to the sun reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Other studies have shown that lifeguards in Australia have the lowest rates of melanoma, the people  who bake all day in the hot sun.  The incidence of malignant melanoma is twice as high in office workers—In another study published in  Lancet, researchers at the University of Sydney’s Melanoma Clinic found the incidence of malignant  melanoma was twice as high in office workers than those whose occupations or lifestyle kept them in the  sun regularly. Those who had the lowest incidence were sunbathers!  Authors of this study concluded that in both Australia and Great Britain, professionals and office workers  were at greater risk than people who worked outside. Another study showed that those who work under  fluorescent light double their risk.

A tan can actually help prevent melanoma. Several studies conclude that a deep tan, particularly in  childhood and the adolescent years, provides protection against melanoma. What accounts for the sudden rise? Exposing ourselves to new carcinogens, eating  foods that promote skin cancer, and not getting enough of the nutrients that prevent it. 

Sun exposure produces one of the most potent health-boosting substances in your body. This amazing  vitamin performs countless valuable functions for you. It’s also an essential hormone that can:

  • Elevate your mood and boost your mental performance.
  • Prevent many types of cancers including prostate, breast and ovarian.
  • Prevent and treat the bone diseases of rickets, osteomalacia and osteoporosis.
  • Help you lose weight.
  • Enhance the function of your pancreas.
  • Lower abnormally high blood sugar.
  • Give you more energy and stamina during the day.
  • Significantly lower elevated blood pressure.
  • Prevent depression and schizophrenia.
  • Increase insulin sensitivity and prevent diabetes.
  • Make you sleep better.
  • Decrease bad cholesterol in your blood. 
  • Increase lymphocytic white blood cells responsible for immunity.

This may be the single most important organic nutrient for your overall health. If it were a drug, it would be the discovery of the century.

This amazingly beneficial nutrient is vitamin D. Your body makes  this vitamin D when the sun’s rays strike your skin. We can all get plenty of it free, just by spending enough time in the sun. There’s a direct link between low sunlight exposure and vitamin D deficiency. There’s also a link  between low vitamin D levels and other diseases. Research shows that vitamin D reduces the risk of the three biggest killers of our generation – heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

But studies show that a widespread deficiency of vitamin D is rampant in America today. Today, the average person has lower vitamin D levels than their parents had just 30 years ago. And that shouldn’t surprise you. If you’re like most people, you probably spend 90% of your daylight hours indoors. And that can be downright dangerous. 

If you have low levels of vitamin D, genes designed to protect your health can’t work properly, because they need vitamin D to switch them on. One of the most significant scientific discoveries of the century was the role of vitamin D in health maintenance. This discovery alone will have a dramatic impact on disease prevention, including cancer.

Prostate Problems Including Prostate Cancer and Sunlight

According to the 500 page college textbook, Human Biology by Sylvia S Mader (1995) prostate cancer is very different than the other types of cancer. It says about prostate cancer "The disease is most common in northwestern Europe and North America. It is rare in the Near East, Africa, Central America, and South America. For reasons not currently known, African Americans have the highest incidence rate in the world."

Are you wondering why this is since it may affect you. It is because black skinned people need 4 times the sunlight as white skinned people to get the same amount of vitamin D. The prostate gland thrives on vitamin D from sunlight. In a magazine they wanted to see if there were certain things affecting prostate problems like pollution in certain parts of the country.

So they gave different colors to different percentages of people with these problems and then applied those colors to a map of the U.S. They found the color with the highest amount of problems went across the most northern part of the U.S. Then as they went further south the percentage of people with prostate problems became lower and lower. So they determined that this was due to the unique vitamin D from the sun.

As far as danger from sunbathing, make sure to wash off all those cancer causing chemicals that you sweated onto your skin from inside your body. They do not evaporate like the water. Even if you do not, it is still better on your skin than inside you.

The UV-C rays from the sun can completely destroy your skin so you must never, ever under any circumstances, go sunbathing ON THE MOON. All of the UV-C rays from the sun are completely destroyed in the earth's atmosphere. You see nature is not out to get you. It is you living in a way out of touch with nature and against what your body needs that causes these health problems. Here is information on a study (see bottom of it) showing that vitamin D can cut chances of getting prostate cancer by 50%.


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