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Can You Sleep Too Much and Hypoglycemia

See our privacy policy. People can eat too much, they can drink too much water and they can exercise too much. The reason that they cannot sleep too much is because they cannot control when and if they sleep. The body can only sleep when it needs it. You can try to sleep for 15 hours but you cannot, unless your body needs it. Some people need to sleep 24 hours a day. It is called a coma. I know a guy who was in a car accident and went into a coma for 3 months. That was years ago and he functions almost normally now. When some people are depressed, they will sleep 12 hours per day.

Many people will wake up after sleeping and feel fine. Then they will go back to sleep and wake up and feel bad. So they figure they slept too much. This is like when you stop smoking. You feel really terrible but it is good for you. Hypoglycemia (why I am I changing the subject) is actually rare. Many people will go all day without food and feel sick, dizzy, light headed and so they imagine that their blood sugar has dropped too low. But this is not what is happening. When your body goes too long without food, it goes into a fasting mode. Some will say that it goes into a starvation mode but this does not happen until after it has been in the fasting mode for about 40 days.

In the fasting mode your body is getting rid of toxins at an accelerated rate similar to when you stop smoking or stop taking heroin. Some who stop taking heroin at one time, can die. It is common for someone to have those above symptoms when in the fasting mode. So this happens when you go all day without eating and also when you sleep more than usual. Sleeping accelerates the fasting mode. When you stop your fast, it is called breaking your fast. You fast everyday and break it when you eat break-fast (pronounced brek-fist).

I told a woman about fasting, who said that she cannot fast  because she has hypoglycemia. I told her that when the body goes into a fasting mode, the tongue gets coated. She went all day without food and got those symptoms that she thought was hypoglycemia. She looked in the mirror and saw that her tongue was coated so she knew that what I said was right. So she contacted me to let me know that I really know what I am talking about. The way to cure your withdrawal symptoms from smoking is to continue without smoking. During fasting, your mouth becomes an organ of elimination.

This is how you cure this problem with sleep or going all day without food. You fast. I used to have that problem with feeling bad after going all day without food. Now I can go weeks without food and feel fine. So even though it feels bad, it is good for you when you get plenty of sleep. Many people think that sleeping is waste of time. But it is not. Very important things happen when you are asleep. It is hard to understand this when you do not get the big picture.

The small picture is that you have better things to do. The big picture is someday you will die and not be able to do anything in the physical world. When you are in deep sleep, you visit that non-physical world that you are in all the time but not aware of it. It is similar to the place you go when you die. A sleeping person looks like they are dead, but the difference is that they will wake up. Since you cannot control sleep, most Americans have problems sleeping. They have to do things to let go of their stress so sleep can just happen. It is something that you cannot control, which is why you cannot do it too much.

According to a survey by the National Sleep Foundation in Washington, D.C., 40 percent of Americans are so drowsy during the day that they cannot do their work effectively. If you have trouble sleeping, see the page on Natural Cures under insomnia. Sleeping is one of the most important things in your life. I have fasted 22 days and only consumed pure (purified) water with no minerals in it for 22 days. Many have been fasted for 50 days where they only consume pure water. On the other hand you cannot go without sleep for 6 days. While fasting, your sleeping works much better.


Americans Lack Self Esteem Since They Are Brought Up Wrong 

This is not because American parents do not love their kids. It is because they never learned how to raise infants. The way that kids are raised is described in the book, Revolution from Within: A Book of Self-Esteem by Gloria Steinem (© 1992). This tells how children are alive to serve the parents, make the parents happy, and the parents are perfect and always right and it goes on and on.

The bible says (Prov 23:13) "Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish him with the rod, he will not die. Punish him with the rod and save his soul from death." In the movie, The Karate Kid, Miyagi says "There are no bad students, only bad teachers." I say that there are no bad kids, only bad parents.

But this starts with the terrible way that infants are raised. This information comes from the book, The Continuum Concept, by Jean Liedloff. It tells how for thousands of years babies have been raised a certain way. The way that the infant knows it is loved is by being held or being against someone. The other senses are underdeveloped and it takes time to learn how to interpret things. 

So the baby goes by its sense of touch. When it is against someone, it feels loved. When it is not with someone, then it feels unloved. In many Asian countries, they make sure the infant is held all the time and it sleeps with its parents. By not feeling loved, it never gets the self-esteem it needs.

A sling can help you carry your baby with your hands being free. Dr. Martin Seligman was president of the American Psychological Association and he has written many books on psychology. His wife has  many degrees in psychology. They slept with all 4 of their babies. If you are drunk or on drugs, this is not a good idea since you may roll over onto them.

So here is the worst thing about raising an infant. The parents believe they need to break its spirit. This is what you try to do when torturing someone. They believe that this makes them a good parent. You put the baby in its crib to sleep at night. It starts to cry and you let it cry for hours until it cries itself  asleep. It may then have a future of crying itself to sleep for the rest of its life.

The author, Jean Liedloff, says that nature never makes a sound (like the baby crying) like someone is being tortured unless that is actually the case. So by the baby, not being held, it makes it feel that it is unloved and this is the foundation of the person having a severe lack of self-esteem. According to Gloria Steinem's book, lack of self-esteem leads to many problems. She says about this book, "A book we should all help us become nurturing parents and advocates of our own child within, to understand what we missed and to restore it."

Before I heard of this book, I did many personal growth seminars. I am more into self-improvement than anyone that I ever met. At these seminars I was very surprised how all these people had a severe lack of self-esteem compared to me. I had no idea how I ended up so different. Then I read this book. My mother got divorced after I was born and moved into her parents house. This book had not been written yet but my grandmother would hold me all the time.

She did this because, even though they were wealthy, her favorite thing in the world to do, was to hold me. This is why people find babies so cute, so they will want to hold them. Once I was babysitting for a 3 month old baby. I sat down with some neighbors. There was a mother with her 7 year old girl and the mother's female friends. The girl kept grabbing at the baby.

So I said to the girl, "Do you want to hold him?" The mother said "Are you crazy?" I told her that I would also be holding the baby like making sure the baby's neck was supported. So the girl held the baby  for 5 minutes and was happy. Then the mother asked if she could hold the baby and she held Liam (the baby's name) for about 5 minutes or more. Then this was repeated by the other 4 women there. So that proves what that book was saying.

Babies brought up this way are very calm and have a lot of self-esteem. Also they are much more mature because instead of being in a playpen, they are around other people all the time learning about how to interact. The children in the village brought up this way do not fight with each other and never argue with their parents. There is no need for the parents to tell their kids what to do or punish them. They now have this term after the baby is born as the 4th trimester.

The baby is outside the body, but still needs to be in contact with another body. So even though the infant is outside of the body, it is treated as if it were attached to someone's body. The author learned this after spending a couple of years with a tribe that had been bringing up babies the same way they did for a hundred thousand years. She saw the results of babies being brought up the right way.

Postpartum Depression

The book has an interesting theory on the mysterious postpartum depression. If you have a child that dies, do you hold it for months? No, that would be sick to carry a dead baby being eaten by maggots. Instead you bury or burn it. Now your body was programmed to hold a baby the same way your breasts start to produce milk. Now when you do not hold the baby a lot, like you were programmed to do, you get depressed.

But this is great. It is fantastic. You mourn the loss of the baby. Also you cannot hurt your baby since it is already dead. But if you do not hold your baby a lot, it is telling your body that your baby is dead and you get depressed. Your body is reacting to your baby being dead even though it is alive. Also you are feeling that something is wrong with your baby being alive. Now if your baby is taken from you and is being brought up by someone else, it is normal for you to get depressed and again you cannot hurt your baby since someone else is raising it.

To make this whole thing more complicated, when babies are brought up the right way or mostly right, then their instinct will tell them to hold their baby. But when these babies are brought up being held very little, as adults they will have problems holding their babies. Their instincts have been subverted. [Subvert-- to pervert or corrupt by an undermining of morals....]


Bring More Traffic to Your Website

There are many ways to bring more traffic to your website, but I will tell about my favorites. One way is going to forums (that allow it) and answering questions and putting up a link to your website.  This is the closest thing to helping someone in person with a problem that they have. On some sites this can give you links that will help the search engines to send more traffic to you. Some people on these forums may be asking for exactly what you have.

Someone on a forum wanted to know what Kevin Trudeau's miracle cure for being overweight was before spending all that money for his book. I sent him to my site and he read about it. Then he thanked me for saving him all that money which would have made him feel like a sucker who was ripped off. Since then, the F.T.C. (Federal Trade Commission) has gone after Kevin Trudeau for saying that you can eat whatever you want on the infomercial while the book says that you cannot eat any unhealthy food.

Another way to create more traffic is by finding directories online and putting your link on their website. There are some companies that you can pay to do this for you. Some require you to put a link back to your site, but some do not. These links can help you get more traffic from the search engines.

There are hundreds of these directories out there. Some allow you to use the code to make a keyword (or term) the link instead of the address of the site. So you can make "vampire antidote" the link to your site. Then this will help you when someone does a search on a search engine for "vampire antidote." This is better than a link that just says ""

Another way is to write articles and submit the article to article sites like with what you are reading right now. In exchange, they put up a link to your website. The link is usually in the author or bio information. Some only allow text, so you have to just put up your url like "" Some allow html where you put in the code so the link will say "vampire antidote."

Some of these article sites gets lot of traffic so you can even get people coming to your site from the article. Others get only a little bit of traffic but may help you get more traffic from the search engines. To see how much traffic a website gets, see the site. Also you can check on a site's Google PR rank to see how much a link from them will help you with the search engines.

There are hundreds of these article sites and they are growing everyday. I may put up a list of them on my website in the future. Also I may create my own article site in the future. These articles create a great deal of free information on the world wide web. Sometimes you can get some valuable information from reading these articles. Also when you get one of these articles put up on a site (published), you can say that you are a writer who writes articles.

This way the information that is out there is not just controlled by the publishers, but it is controlled by the people, like you and me. It is a great example of the first amendment of the United States Constitution at work. The world wide web is still relatively young and it will be interesting to see what changes come about do to it. Many of the founders of the U.S.A. were writers.

I have been checking out my links from these sites and most of them put up active links. Once in a while a site will not have an active link and I will write them and let them know that it is part of the requirement or condition for them to have the article on their site. Sometimes they are having trouble with doing things on their article site. Once in a while they use the code rel="no follow" which means that they have the intention to benefit from using your article without you benefiting as far as the search engines go

I click on VIEW and then SOURCE to look for this code. You can tell the sites doing this that you do not appreciate it and to remove your article. You can also tell them that you will spread the word about them. You can even write an article about it and they may even put it on their site without realizing what they are doing. A few days ago on a forum I saw someone asking if the article sites actually put up a link to you or just use your article without doing anything for you so this has answered that question.

Getting Links to Your Website

Links to your website can bring you more traffic and get you listed higher with the search engines. When you exchange links you put up a link to another site and they put up a link to you. that is called a two way link. They are not as good as a one way link where there is a link to your website only. A good way to get one way links is submitting a link to a directory website. There are thousands of these directory websites. People could go there to find websites and to add their link to it.

Each of these websites has their own rules. Many of them offer 3 choices. You submit your information and they review it and decide whether to accept it. One choice is a free submission. Some sites may say that with this choice it may take up to 6 months before they review your site. They encourage you to put up links to them so they can become more popular. When you do this then you are submitting a reciprocal link. This gets more of a priority and they will review your link sooner. They may offer other benefits not offered with the free link.

Then there is the paid for link called possibly a featured link. This link gets looked at the soonest and you get other advantages like being able to submit other pages in your website besides the main page.  Submitting these links to so many sites can take a lot of work. Some sites offer to do it for you if you pay them. So that is something you can try.

Right now I am using software where you double click on a directory site and it opens in a window. Sometimes they want you to pick a category first, but if possible it opens to the place where you put in the information like name of website, link, description and email address. Then the software automatically enters this information for you. So all you need to do is to select the category that it should go under. Many will notify you by email that they received your submission and they will be reviewing it and also add an offer for you to buy something. With some site the email you a confirmation that you have to click on to make sure that you gave them a valid email.

A way of getting two way links is by exchanging links. You can just look for sites that you like and ask them if the want to exchange links. there are also link exchange places that help you to do this. They have many members who are looking to do this and they can request you or you can request them through the website to exchange links. I have been using one of these for 2 years. 

This one that I use will ask the other site to put up a link first to your site if they requested the exchange. Then they check it and notify you that it was done and for you to do the same. It sounds easy, doesn't it. But many of these sites will put your link on a page that is not connected to their website so no one will ever see it.  So even though the exchange group made sure it was on the page, they do not know if it is connected to the site or not. So you have to check this. There are many unscrupulous people on the internet.

When it comes to links to your website there is a difference of how much it helps you. The way to measure how much it helps you is to find out the Google page rank of the site and of the page your link is on. The higher the number the better. The numbers are from 0 to 10. The software that I use tells the Google page rank of each directory. Some say to not exchange links with a site that has a PR of 0. If it is a bad site, it could hurt you to have a link to it. Some say not to exchange links with a site that has a PR lower than yours.

The Ethics Dilemma 

There is this dilemma in ethics that is brought up. The examples are different, but the idea is the same. An example is a guy has a bomb somewhere and is threatening to explode it and kill 5,000 people. But he will not do it if you kill one person. Many have the idea that since 5,000 is a much larger number than one, then you should do it.

You can't worry about making people happy. If you are President of the USA and decide to kill that one person, you will go to jail for murder. If you do not do it and if, and only if, the guy explodes the bomb and kills 5,000 people, then their friends and relatives will hate you. The solution is that you need to be selfish. Being selfish is a good thing but people say that it is a bad thing to con you or control you. Say that you try to be not selfish so you decide not to eat. Then you will die but at least you would not have been selfish.

You could decide not to drink anything since that would be selfish and you would die. You could also decide not to exercise and shorten your lifespan. You could decide to help others and eat their food for them. Then they will die. You could drink all their liquids for them and they will die. You could also exercise for them but that will not help them. It will only help you. You could also study for them to learn something but then you will learn it and they will not. To be really selfless, you could take the test for them, but that is cheating and could get the person expelled from school.

An example of someone who was selfless was Adolf Hitler. He could have just enjoyed his money and power. But he decided that he needed to save the German people by getting rid of all the Jews and expanding his country. He gave his life trying to do this. Then there were the selfless Muslim terrorists in the planes that knew that they were going to die but they did not want to be selfish and worry about themselves. They wanted to help their fellow terrorists and they became heroes among them.

Now say that there was a heaven or hell for eternity. It would be selfish to enter that heaven yourself. You cannot do the work for someone else to enter heaven, they have to be selfish and enter it themselves. The bible says that God helps those who help themselves. Well isn't helping yourself selfish. There is a saying in Insight Personal Growth seminars. It is "Take care of yourself so you can take care of others." "You can take care of number one without stepping on number two." Note that in America, number two stands for feces.

You are responsible for what you do, not for what others do. So if you kill one person then you are responsible for it. If someone else kills 5,000 people then he is responsible for it. That is how it works. You cannot worry about what the other person does. There is a chance that he will still kill the 5,000 after you kill the one person. There is also a chance that he will decide or not be able to kill the 5,000 people. You will not have to live with that person who killed 5,000 people but you will have to live with yourself. The person could also decide that if you do what he wants, he will tell you that you made the wrong decision and kill the 5,000 people. And then if you do not do what he wants, he says that you made the right decision and does not explode the bomb.

The example could also be more personal where someone takes your family hostage and says that he will kill your family unless you go and kill someone. But again you are responsible for what you do and not responsible for what that other person does. Now as far as hypothetical examples this happened to me when I was 20 years old. Now do not be bothered by what would happen to you if you were in this position because maybe it happened to me because I was able to face it. 

My mother tried to kill herself but I stopped her. That was not the first time she tried this because she was unhappy her whole life. After she tried to kill herself she threatened me and told me that if I do not stop doing the meditation I was doing, then she would kill herself. I told her to go ahead since she is the one that will be responsible for it and she will have to pay for it.

I told her that maybe after she dies maybe a part of her will still be able to feel things and she will pay a terrible price for what she had done. Plus I told her about the brilliant writings of our founding fathers in the declaration of independence and the constitution and how it tells about the rights of people to be able to pursue happiness. I told her that I am responsible for what I do and I gladly and proudly accept that responsibility.

I guess she saw the passion in me and she never tried to kill herself and ended up dying of natural causes. I even gave her the direct quote from the declaration of independence that says "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Instead of her making me feel guilty, I made her feel guilty. See the webpage on fasting for more on this with quotes from 19 MDs.


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