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Can You Lose Weight Too Fast

First if I answer this with a yes or no, you will not understand the reason. Then if someone says the opposite, then you will be confused. It will take a little time but I will explain it so you will know and understand the answer. Then if someone says the opposite, then you can explain it to them. It appears that on the forums that if people see a question and do not know the answer, then they see what others say. If someone says something with authority, then they believe they know the answer. This is how wrong information can spread. This is what happened with the saying "You can't have your cake and eat it too." That is false due to a wrong time line. You can have your cake as long as you want and then eat it. The correct saying is "You can't eat your cake and have it too."

It is explained on the home page that you can lose weight from losing adipose tissue which is better known as bodyfat. You can also lose water weight and this can come off quickly and safely as explained on the fasting page by an M.D. Also you can lose up to 15 pounds of weight in an hour by losing human waste from an enema.

When you do not know an answer like the above, you could just go by the rule that you can overdo anything. You can drink too much water or eat too much healthy food where your stomach bursts. You can exercise too much or you can do fasting for too long. An MD fasted a fat guy for 8 months and he died. So that is too long. He still had more fat to burn but used up all of his reserve nutrients like minerals. I say that all rules have exceptions, except some. You cannot sleep too long, only as long as you need to. Some people need to sleep 24 hours a day. I know a guy who did that (in a coma) decades ago for many days but he is alive and doing well now. Some depressed people need to sleep 12 hours per day.

The reason that you cannot sleep too long is because you cannot control how long you sleep. You can control how little you get but not how much you get. If you doubt this, then try it. Try to sleep 20 hours. You can lie there for 20 hours but will only be asleep if your body decides that you need it. Note that I am not talking about stage 1 sleep  where you are drowsy and trying to get to sleep but you are not really sleeping.

Sometimes people sleep a long time and do not feel good. So they figure that it is not good to sleep long. It is similar to when you stop smoking. You feel awful but it is good for health. It is similar to going too long without food and you feel bad. When you sleep, it accelerates the body getting rid of toxins. So sleeping a long time or going too long without food causes your body to go into an accelerated rate of cleansing which can be uncomfortable. This is described by an MD on the fasting page. Sometimes your tongue will become coated showing that toxins are being eliminated quickly and through the mouth.

The news announced in November 2006 that 70% of Americans have trouble sleeping. There is a McDougall website about getting over depression naturally. It says that sleep is depressing so you should not even get the suggested 8 hours. This shows that while there is a limit to genius, there is no limit to stupidity. His other ideas are good, though. Mariah Carey had a nervous breakdown a few years ago and she said that it was due to lack of sleep as a warning to others so the same thing does not happen to them.

I have seen on forums people giving rates of weight loss (weight loss/time) that are too fast. So I checked it and could not find any reliable sources for this. An MD on TV said that people on the same diet can lose weight at different rates. Also MDs think it is safe (and the FDA agrees) to lose many pounds of bodyfat in an hour with liposuction. Like with sleeping, you do not control how fast you lose weight. That is why you cannot lose weight too fast. Remember the above rule about exceptions, where someone with a serious problem can lose weight too fast.

Some people have fasted to lose weight and have complained that after not eating for 5 days they only lost 2 pounds. To see how much weight fat people usually lose on a fast, see webpage on fasting. I have fasted many times but I was never overweight. People would ask how much I would lose but I did not notice any difference. So I got a scale so I could measure it scientifically. I weighed myself at the beginning of a fast and right before the end of a 4 day fast of pure water. I gained one pound, which does happen sometimes since people have reserve nutrients and are consuming water and air.

Someone could say "you just retained more water." But most people lose water weight during a fast. Regardless of whether I created more bone (people can mend broken bones during a fast) or retained water is the fact that I had no control over the rate of weight loss which in this case was negative one pound.

People can control their efforts to influence this rate. The way to give yourself the fastest rate loss that your body will safely allow is to fast and exercise a lot. Some exercise, like yoga, is OK during a fast. Allan Cott M.D. suggests walking 3 hours a day during a fast to lose more weight and for circulation. These are mild exercises. But you have to be careful about doing a lot of strenuous exercise during a fast.

Your body's intelligence is incredibly brilliant and performs thousands of chemical reactions every minute. It has billions of years of evolutionary experience. If you ever look through a textbook on human physiology, you will see that the human body is the most complex and advanced machine on the planet. Can you gain weight too fast? Again you do not control it. My mother could eat large amounts of fattening foods with lots of bad carbs and fat and still be thin without exercising.

Here Is the Most Recent Version of an Article That I Wrote

Losing Weight Using Your Animal Instinct

Diets do not work. Among the people who do them, 99% of the people gain the weight back. Also the stress of not eating as much as you want makes your system more acid. This is bad for health and causes you to crave more sugar, salt and fat. Then eating these things you crave, causes you to hate yourself and you feel more stress making losing weight even harder. But many of the foods you like are acquired tastes.

Here is how it works. No one teaches the animal what to eat and what not to eat. The animal knows instinctively what is good to eat and what is not good to eat. Humans also have the same instinct. The way it works is just eat whatever tastes good and that will be healthy for you and non-fattening. That is why a baby tastes everything. So again whatever tastes good, is good for you. This is why you will spit out spoiled milk. This instinct can help you lose weight.

I love eating Cabbage Crunch from the salad bar at Whole Foods. They are the largest natural foods supermarket chain in the country. Cabbage Crunch contains red and green cabbage, sliced almonds, poppy seeds, scallions (green onions), apple cider vinegar and olive oil. Cabbage is one of the healthiest foods for colon health and preventing cancer.

One time I got some. As soon as I put it in my mouth, I spit it out. It was spoiled. But I got my money back and they had someone go there to remove it. Please note that salt can dull your sense of taste. Also salt causes you to eat more thereby making it harder to lose weight.

But wait! Man has the technology to create rat poison. It tastes like healthy food (good taste) but kills the rat. So man has done that to you. Note that any food unaltered by man (uncooked) that tastes good, is good for you. So if you are stranded in the woods, that is how you know what to eat. Just taste everything raw and you will spit out the toxic plants since they will taste terrible.

There are poisonous mushrooms called toadstool mushrooms. If you put some raw ones in your mouth, you will spit them out since they taste horrible. But cook them and add salt and you can eat enough of them to kill you. Carnivorous animals love the taste of blood and raw meat since that is what they are supposed to eat.

So man has created fake fruit. It tastes like fruit that exists in nature, but it is addictive, fattening and terrible for health. It is called sweets. So it is natural to like real sweets called fruit, like a baby does. But they have fooled your sense of taste, just like the rat was fooled. But they do not want to kill you. They want you to become obese so you will buy more of their foods. This is called very good business.

You can re-acquire your taste in food and re-learn how to eat. Then you can eat all the great tasting foods you want and be thin, healthy and fit for life. 

Acai Berry
Description: Lose Fat Without Weight Loss Supplements.

Copyright 2006 by Chuck Bluestein


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