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This page will have things on it that will fascinate experts on fasting, nutrition and losing weight.

Breaking the Fast

This is more dangerous than the fast since you have to ease into eating if you have not for awhile. Dr Fuhrman suggests breaking long fasts with juicy fruits. On first day, fist sized watermelon or half an orange every 2 hours. Eat slowly. Fresh squeezed juice can be added. On 2nd day, a medium sized piece of fruit or melon every 3 hours. On 3rd day, 4 meals of above. On 4th day, 3 small meals of fruit, salad and cooked vegetable like a potato. With short 5 day fasts, after eating fruit and waiting 15 minutes you can eat a salad with raw vegetables. This will help to clean out the colon. You can then, on the next day, eat some healthy cooked food like greens.

People can take an enema before beginning the fast so they won't have all that sitting in there during the fast. But it is not necessary since after a 5 day or longer fast your colon is working much better. My e-mail address is on home page.


Dental Problems

I had drilling near the root of tooth to repair it. About 6 months later, the tooth was hurting a lot. The root was dying and it got infected even though there was no decay in the tooth. I had a root canal and it got infected. The first antibiotic did not work and my face was swollen and they say the infection can enter the brain. The other antibiotic he prescribed was giving me bad headaches so I stopped taking it. I called a fasting expert and paid him $100 to talk to him for an hour. He told me to just fast and that maybe if I had done that before the root canal it may have saved the tooth. So after fasting 4 or 5 days it had totally cleared up. Then I had drilling near the root of another tooth and around 6 months later it was hurting, was infected and dying. So I had it pulled (extracted).

The same exact thing happened with another tooth months after there was drilling near a root. This time I did not even go to the dentist. I fasted 4 or 5 days and it was better. Then a year later, the same tooth was doing that again and I was in a lot of pain. I fasted 4 or 5 days and all the pain went away. That was a few years ago. So if you have a tooth dying but no decay, then fasting may help with it. The dentist said that they do not know why teeth like the above die but it seems to be associated with drilling a cavity close to the root.


The Inner Intelligence of the Body

When it comes to evolution the 2 most powerful desires of animals are eating and sex. This is to make sure that the animal survives and that the species survives. But unlike other animals humans have a divine soul. The existence of these 2 opposing forces creates a third thing that is the human mind and is what causes the problems. As you fast more, the inner intelligence of the of the body becomes more awakened and it can help you with your health. Also you learn things that are more certain than the different opinions or conflicting research results. Remember that an FDA approved study costing millions of dollars and that is more conclusive than all these other studies showed that Vioxx was a safe drug before taking it off the market since it was killing many people.

As I fast more I see how the body's intelligence cares only about the health of my body but my mind is more interested in enjoying the tastes of foods. Americans eat much more food than they need. They are then concerned about having a metabolism that is too slow. But if they had the inner peace, happiness and satisfaction they would not be needing the enjoyment of eating so much and then could eat only what they need. Then a slow metabolism is like having a car that gets 200 miles per hour. They could then eat a lot less and therefore have more time and money to do other things.

Personally I can spend less time feeding my belly and spend more time doing altruistic acts (helping other people). The page Prescription for Happiness tells how Positive Psychology learned that this makes people much happier. During a 22 day fast I spent most of the time on forums answering questions from people who needed help with different things. I have spent a great deal of time in the past reading about self improvement including health, psychology and religion. This is something that I love doing.

In the 70s many health experts had different opinions but there was one thing they agreed on-- the less you ate, the longer you lived. It is like the real age of your body is based on how much you have ever eaten. Then there was a study done with rats that showed that the rats that ate less, lived much longer. That was the only thing that a study ever proved to extend life or cause anti-aging. There is a new study that was just concluded. The rhesus monkeys that ate 30% less than the other monkeys lived longer. Also a Psychology Today Magazine had an article about a group that tries to extend life by consuming minimum calories.

Now with all the above I suggest that when people eat to lose weight, they should not limit calories. This is because forcing yourself to eat less than you want creates stress. This stress is worse for your health than anything else and it diminishes your peace of mind and happiness which are more important than anything else. So my suggestion is to work on your peace of mind, mental health and your satisfaction. Then you will have less of a need for food. Another reason I do not recommend forcing yourself to eat less is because most of the food people eat is for their emotions not for their body.

So I consume a lot less food than others because I am busy doing things that I love and I am not bored. I have a great deal of inner satisfaction. Now you can try the following and learn something for yourself. Take a kid at that age where he knows that fun is the most important thing. Have him do something that he loves doing for all day like going on rides at an amusement park. You can ask him all throughout the day if he is hungry and he will say "no." He is not lying. Then take him on an errand that is very boring. You will not have to ask him if he is hungry. Every few hours he will be asking to eat something to relieve the boredom.

I have learned about mankind from fasting. Say tomorrow that humans no longer needed to eat food and they lost the ability to eat or taste food. In 6 months most of the people on the planet will have committed suicide. Our society it is built around food. Jesus had his last supper. Thanksgiving is based around food. What would wedding and funeral receptions be without food? It was only after Jesus fasted for 40 days did he go out and start healing people and preaching to people. When the devil tried to get him to stop his fast, do you think it was a red man with horns and a tail. No, it was his own mind wanting him to eat some delicious tasting food. An MD I know has noticed the connection between depression and being overweight.

Food for Thought for Even Fasting Experts

All the fasting experts talk about how the need for food is all psychological like fear, boredom, unhappiness and misery causing hunger. This is known as false hunger. Then after fasting around 40 days, they experience true hunger, when the body then actually physically needs food. Their tongue clears and the hunger is different. All of them leave out the physical side of false hunger. If it were all psychological, then why does it end after eating?

When someone is almost full, there is a pain (discomfort) that begins. If they ignore it totally, they can eat enough to burst open the stomach. So as they eat more and more when they are full, the pain gets worse and worse. When it is bad enough, then the person feels satisfied that he has had enough. At that point the pain is not worth the enjoyment of eating. Romans were said to vomit up the food so they could enjoy eating more. So people associate the pain with being satisfied. Then when their stomach is empty, they associate that with being very hungry.

Since I eat only one meal a day, people have asked me for years if I am hungry and the answer is no. I am totally comfortable with an empty stomach, while others are driven mad by an empty stomach. Of course for many if they go too long without eating, they get healing symptoms of fasting (accelerated release of toxins) which can cause fatigue, dizziness, sick feeling or feeling like you were poisoned. So they imagine their blood sugar is too low. I used to get that all the time if I went hours past the time of my one meal a day. Now I never get those feelings no matter how long I go without eating.

Here is something that fasting experts never talk about. If someone were to only eat what he needs, here is how you do it. You fast until true hunger even if it takes 50 days. Then break the fast. But at this point people can eat all they want to. But to only eat the minimum after you break the fast, then you do another fast. But for how long. Nobody knows. You do it until true hunger returns. Then when you break that fast you start another one until until true hunger begins. You then keep doing that if you wanted to really eat what the body needs. But no one wants to just eat the minimum.

Copyright 2006 by Chuck Bluestein



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