Business Opportunities-- What to Watch Out For

See our privacy policy. First if you see an ad for making money building things at home, it is a scam. They make money with the registration fee. They will tell you how you can make $25 in the comfort of your home building a simple thing. Then when you build the things and send them in, they will reject most of them and you will decide it is not a good way to make money. But now they have your registration fee. Your desire to make money doing almost nothing makes you susceptible to scams.

You can sell information through the mail. You can charge $30 for a report that costs pennies to copy. But people will try to do this to you. They will say that they have a great way to make money and they will tell you what it is not and how great it is. Just send them $30.

Forget what they are saying is so great. They are making their money selling information by mail. They can just tell you to do the same thing that they are doing. If they really had such a great way, they would not need to make money selling information through the mail. They may say that they are trying to help people, but want the money show that you are serious. It is a lie!

Here is an example. An ad says "How to get 20 people a day to send you $5. For instructions send me $5. Then they tell you to place enough ads like this one you read until 20 people a day are sending you the $5. I feel that this kind of stuff is unethical. Many times they will have a rag to riches story to get you to buy the information.

Now I like the things where they do not make money unless you make money. That is why I like network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM). Billionaire Warren Buffet owns 2 MLM companies. Billionaire Donald Trump says in his book, Why We Want You to Be Rich, "Network marketing has proven itself to be a viable and rewarding source of income."

Sometimes a chain letter will say that it is an MLM program, but MLM has companies, not programs. Also illegal gifting programs or illegal pyramid schemes will claim to be an MLM program. There are many billion dollar MLM companies where some distributors in them make 6 figure annual incomes (over $100,000 a year).

Of course just like anything else some MLM companies can be scams or managed badly so they go under. So you want to promote one that has solid backing and management and maybe some years in business. On the other hand, if it is already very big, then it becomes hard to make money with it. Look for exceptional products.

For example decades ago, an MLM company, Forever Living Products, introduced a plant to the U.S. that no one that had ever heard of. They claimed that it had all these healing properties and you could use it internally and externally. Now this plant is in hundreds of products and they grow most of it. This plant is aloe vera and people know that it can heal burns even though the FDA does not allow anyone to say this. They even now sell this plant in stores and many have one.

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